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About Us

How many other web design firms are willing to put their face to their page?  We believe in transparrency.  Learn more about us...

OpenPotion was started by Jason and Ashley Hull in 2008, after several years of making websites for their employers and self.  OpenPotion is a family-owned-and-operated, website-design firm that recognizes that a website can be your best sales tool. 

Our specialty is in marketing and we properly place design in a role secondary to marketing.  This means our websites are not just designed to look good, but to sell your business and bring in greater leads.  Not only that, but OpenPotion websites are built rapidly and affordably.  Let us amaze you!  Call us today!

Jason Hull is the face of OpenPotion, and is the master website designer and is involved directly with the client on every project.  Jason has a lengthy background in the technology industry.  He has worked for Verizon, Hewlett Packard, and several other companies in a technology related role.  He started OpenPotion, Inc. shortly after getting ridiculously high bids for a website design project.

Ashley Hull has had an administrative role her entire working career.  Touting a degree in Business Marketing, she has been involved in corporate mergers and acquisitions and largely focused on managing public relations for these publicly traded companies and making sure the office ran smoothly.  From billing to organization, Ashley does it all, and is often the "go to" person that people seek when they want to make sure something gets done.

So no, they do not work... nor do they help us get anything done related to work... but they are why we work and you may hear them in the background from time-to-time if we happen to be somewhere other than the office!

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