Jason Hull

Jason Hull

Sunday, 26 January 2014 13:11


Be sure to check out our new Support Plans that offer significant savings on monthly design work.

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Thursday, 16 January 2014 15:56

WordPress & Joomla Support & Hosting Plans


Let Us Be The Nerd (We're Better At It)

Protect Your Investment With World-class Hosting, Backups, & Support

Bronze (Basic)
Paid Design Work ($120/hr)
Enterprise/Government Grade Firewall, Malware, Virus Protection
Monthly, Weekly, Daily Rsync & FTP Backups (stored at 3 secure locations)
Good for clients that email occasional questions for static sites.
No Contract
Free Migration
1 CMS Website
10GB Bandwidth ($10/GB Over)
10GB Storage ($5/GB Over)
Email Support - 72hr Resolution
Paid Phone Consultations ($120/hr)
Safe Shared IP
Paid Hack Cleanup / Backup Restore ($120)
Silver (Popular)
$120 89/mo
1hr Design Work ($120)
Enterprise/Government Grade Firewall, Malware, Virus Protection
Monthly, Weekly, Daily Rsync & FTP Backups (stored at 3 secure locations)
Good for clients that need a few quick design changes each month.
No Contract
Free Migration
1 CMS Website
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Storage 
Email Support - 48hr Resolution
Paid Phone Consultations ($120/hr)
1 Free Dedicated IP ($3/mo)
Free Hack Cleanup / Backup Restore ($120)
Site Caching/Speed Optimization
Global CDN (Improves speed)
1 Free Domain ($20)
$360 169/mo
2hrs Design Work ($240)
Enterprise/Government Grade Firewall, Malware, Virus Protection
Monthly, Weekly, Daily Rsync & FTP Backups (stored at 3 secure locations)
Good for clients that need regular content/design help.
No Contract
Free Migration
2 CMS Websites
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Storage
Email Support - 24hr Resolution
1hr of Phone Consultation ($120)
2 Free Dedicated IPs ($3/mo)
Free Hack Cleanup / Backup Restore ($120)
Site Caching/Speed Optimization
Global CDN (Improves speed)
1 Free Domain ($20)
$600 249/mo
3hrs Design Work ($360)
Enterprise/Government Grade Firewall, Malware, Virus Protection
Monthly, Weekly, Daily Rsync & FTP Backups (stored at 3 secure locations)
Good for regular updates & those that want priority support.
No Contract
Free Migration
3 CMS Websites
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Storage
Priority Support
2hrs of Phone Consultations ($240)
3 Free Dedicated IPs ($3/mo)
Free Hack Cleanup / Backup Restore ($120)
Site Caching/Speed Optimization
Global CDN (Improves speed)
1 Free Domain ($20)

Looking for our Hosting Only Plan? 

Want Discounts?: Get 1 Month FREE with Annual Pre-pay on any plan. 


Need more hours of design work? Add Design Hours to your Monthly Plan: $80/hr ($120/hr)
Design Work beyond your monthly plan: $120/hr
Additional Sites/CMS: $30
Dedicated IP: $3/mo
Security Certificate: $99/yr
Domain Registration: $20/yr
Unlimited Bandwidth & Storage: $30/mo (bronze/hosting only)


Note: Design Hours on Plans DO NOT Accrue. 


Why Get Support & Hosting From OpenPotion?

Robust Backups - What if you lost your site?

We take store snapshots including, but not limited to Monthly, Weekly, and Daily backups. We store those at 3 backup locations for redundancy to ensure we never lose a website due to server failure, natural disaster, or hackers: on our server, off-server in same datacenter, and off-site. 

Government-Grade Security - Getting hacked is embarrassing.

On TV anyone with a keyboard can hack a government server in 10 seconds - "I'm in." In the real world, government linux servers are protected by Prometheus Corp.'s Atomic Secured Linux, which we use to protect your site as well. We dramatically reduce the likelihood of your site getting hacked.

It does a lot of cool things including:

  • Intrusion Protection
  • Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall
  • Virus/Malware Scanning
  • Upload scanning
  • Virtual Patching of unsecure software
  • Denial of Service protection
  • Web Comment/Blog/Referrer Spam Protection
  • & much more

Joomla & WordPress Experts

Direct help from our highly skilled design team.

We are faster than you or anyone on your staff, better skilled for this nerdy stuff, and so you save money by having us do stuff instead. Time is money. Also, we don't outsource our support to unknowledgable ticket-takers. Our email support is handled directly by our design team - the same people building the sites. Each of our team members are each highly skilled at Joomla, WordPress, CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, and more. 


Can I Use   ????   Hosting Instead?

(insert any cheap, big-box hosting company here)

Yes, but why on earth would you want to? Slower speeds, less security, poor backups, and no Joomla or Wordpress CMS support. After spending money on a real website it would be like parking a Ferrari in an inner city ghetto on the street every day.

In short: their goal is quantity, while our goal is quality.

Hosting is included with any support plan, yet if you decide to host elsewhere, we still charge the same amount for support - so basically our hosting is free!

As if you needed any proof... but go ahead and google any alternate hosting company followed by the word "sucks" or "hacked" and you should be set on using us. How often do our clients host elsewhere? 99% host with us, so virtually never. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own hosting?

Yes, see section above.

I have 2 sites, will the Gold plan cover both?

Yes and Platinum will cover 3 sites.

What does Bronze cover?

Email support related to questions regarding using your CMS (Joomla or WordPress), bugs, issues, typo fixes, quick changes. Anything outside of that is considered design work at our hourly rate.

Am I getting less with the new bronze plan?

No. It is the same support plan we have always had. We just decided to add higher level plans.

I have more sites/CMS's can I just add a site to my plan or do I have to have separate plans for each site?

You can add an additional site to any plan for $30/month/site.

Do I need unlimited bandwidth?

We only have a small percentage of clients that exceed 10GB/month. If you are getting up there, we'll be in touch.



Wednesday, 23 October 2013 14:53

Real Estate Website Design

We Build Effective Real Estate Websites

"I have a real estate family. My mom is a top agent at one of the nation's top Century 21 offices. I have 2 brothers doing commercial real estate as well. I grew up around real estate." 

- Jason Hull, OpenPotion

If you are an Agent or an Office looking for a new real estate website, talk to us. 

Why Choose OpenPotion?

  • We can integrate the MLS in a way that is effective.
  • We can build you a site you can easily update.
  • We build sites that are mobile friendly
  • We are familiar with your industry as well as how to effectively sell.
  • "We are Marketers First, Designers Second"

Grab a time to discuss! 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013 10:26

ISP Website Design

We Build Effective ISP Websites

"Having been the hiring manager and techinical support manager for the largest private DSL provider in California, I know ISP's." 

- Jason Hull, OpenPotion

If you are an Internet Service Provider (ISP) looking for a new website, talk to us. 

Why Choose OpenPotion?

  • Mutually beneficial partnerships available.
  • We can build you a site you can easily update.
  • We can integrate the site with your existing billing, webmail, or client logins.
  • We build sites that are mobile friendly
  • We are familiar with your industry as well as how to effectively sell.
  • "We are Marketers First, Designers Second"

Grab a time to discuss! 

Sunday, 22 September 2013 00:02

Pricing - What Does A Professional Site Cost?

The honest answer: It depends. However, when we ask a potential client what their budget is, they might think we are trying to pull a fast one on them. So we state ballpark pricing up front. Most sites we build are 5-30 pages and range anywhere from $1500-$6000 in price. We do some basic sites for less and some complex sites for more. It depends basically on the number of pages and what features you need integrated and how many man-hours it will take. 

All sites come with...

  • Responsive website design (Adapts to any screensize including tablets & mobile devices)
  • Easy-to-update Content Management System (WordPress or Joomla)
  • Google Analytics Setup (visitor statistics & reporting)
  • Contact Form (sends emails right to your inbox)
  • Sitemap (page listing all links throughout the site)


Ballpark Pricing Samples

Starter Packages

Great for those upgrading away from the site they built on their own

Cookie Cutter
WordPress Content Management System
Premade sites that we clone and then customize to fit your business.
 4-8 pages
Get Quote
Brochure Basic
WordPress Content Management System
A simple brochure-type site that looks great and sells. Select the look.
 5-10 pages
Get Quote
Local Landings
Joomla or WordPress Content Management System
Good for small businesses that want to have landing pages for local markets
Get Quote


Money Makers

These sites are built to make money. Your site will pay for itself. 

Target Tank
Landing pages, 3rd party integrations, & pages for various target markets. Perfect for Property Managers.
Get Quote
Membership Maven
Perfect for sites with permission levels, advertising, directories, like chambers of commerce.
 Get Quote
Dynamic Database
Directory site with complex, crosslinked item types (ex: Bands, Albums, Tracks, Band Members)
Get Quote

* Significant partnership/relationship discounts available.


Fiercely competitive, but you already have people placing orders over the phone

Easy Managed
Shop Setup, add logo, setup paypal, etc. The easiest store you will have online.
 1-100 Products
Get Quote
DIY Simple
No added transaction fees, easy to manage, and it's your site.
 1-1000 Products
 Get Quote
The biggest online stores in the world use Magento. We can fulfill your dream.  
1000-10,000+ Products
Get Quote

* Has higher fees per transaction. 

Get a Price

In order to figure out an exact price we would need to map out your project with you.


Yesterday we had someone stop by, saying their property management site with a competitor is down... we checked out the competitors site and did a few google searches and found a spammy fake blog circling the blood in the water. Did people fall for it? You want to avoid firms using tactics like this... (Read on to discover how to spot web design frims using shady marketing tactics...)

Looks like Pointwide Solutions, a competitor in the space of property management website design, had their server go down. I guess the outage been going on for days.  Man I feel their pain... it must be excrutiaitng dealing with all the upset business owners. A failure to plan is a plan to fail and this is a major fail. It is something we have thought about many times... what if we lost our sites!? 

Friday, 13 September 2013 11:12

Pacific Palisades Website Design

We just moved here this summer (2013) and love it here in sunny California! We live and build websites right here in Pacific Palisades. If you are looking for a web designer in Pacific Palisades, because you want to work with a local business then talk to us - We are the Palisades' premier web design firm.  

Why Choose OpenPotion?

  • We're marketers 1st, designers 2nd - We have Marketing Degrees, while others are usually graphic designers or programmers.
  • We make sure your website does its job (selling) instead of just looking pretty.
  • We cut out 90% of the 2 most expensive things in our industry: graphic design and programming.
  • We don't do SEO - While we are SEO savvy, and build sites to be effective, our clients know they can trust our marketing advice and love being able to switch marketing firms, without the awkwardness of firing their web designer for just the SEO portion and asking them to give another firm access to their site.
  • We Know WordPress AND Joomla. While many firms only focus on WordPress, we are also nationally known for our Joomla skill and expertise.
  • We specialize in fixing branding issues.
  • Our websites can easily save you the cost of a single employee annually, thereby paying for itself.
  • We're Full of Openness!

Schedule a FREE consultation now!

Monday, 09 September 2013 08:41

Partner With OpenPotion

In a nutshell, we are looking for partners! You provide us website design leads and you can get a percentage of the website design project as a referral fee.

What Kind of Money?

We normally get anywhere from $2000 - $6000 per site and we are offering 5% for solid leads and 10% for sales. You can even mark up the price on sales if you like. That's right just for referring people to us you can get between $100 - $300! If you are good at sales you can make between $200 - $600 or more! We are willing to work out special relationships with firms that are serious and proven at getting us business.

Who we are looking for?

We are looking for companies that sell to business owners, but that do not offer web design.  This could be companies that sell:

  • Promotional Product Companies
  • SEO / Internet Marketing Companies
  • Commercial Real Estate Companies
  • Office Supply Companies
  • Sign & Printing Companies
  • Office Furntiture Supply Companies
  • Business Coaches
  • Chambers of Commerce

How it Works

  1. ASK - Findout if your client needs a new website and tell them you have an excellent firm you recommend.
  2. PROVIDE LEAD - Ask them if you can have OpenPotion contact them, and get is their name, phone, and email.
  3. SALES - We contact them and give them and help them figure out what they need and price out the site and send you a copy of the contract.
  4. GET PAID! - After each payment that they pay us, we pay you!

Once you get comfortable with this, you can take on more of the sales process (or all of it) yourself and get more money per deal, if you want!

Why Work With Us?

We have a solid reputation built on trust, openness, and transparrency. Here is why you want to work with us...

  • Website Design Full of Openness - it's not just our slogan, it's what our mutual clients will notice right away with us.
  • We are careful not to over-sell: For example - if you client asks us if they should have a blog, we will ask them if they have time to write articles once or twice a week and if they say "no" then we will tell them they don't need a blog section. This prevents buyers remorse and creates trust.
  • We are marketers 1st, web designers 2nd. Unlike other design firms, we focus on making sure the website is focused on doing its job - getting them more business. We actually have marketing degrees!
  • We only do website design and we help keep your clients loyal to you. We know they trusted you first and we want to maintain that.
  • We have clients throughout the US in a variety of industries. Not only that, but we ask the right questions to make sure their website serves their needs, no matter what type of business they are.
  • We are exellent at what we do.
  • We give the client full control over their site - nothing is locked-down and they can hire whatever Internet marketing firm they want.
  • We will take excellent care of our mutual clients!
  • We can sell! Nothing is worse than giving leads to a company and hoping to get some money out ouf it and that company is terrible at following up or sales, and lets the leads die. We have a complex CRM and processes to prevent dropping the ball.

Interested? Grab a Time!

Schedule a time for us to have a virtual meeting and get to know each other!

Sunday, 01 September 2013 14:10


Really cool words here.

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Get Quote & Consultation

  • Learn 3 simple things websites must have to sell.
  • Get an idea of price and timeline.
  • Get simple actions to double your leads instantly.

Hello, my name is *, * and I am interested in getting a new website for *. Our budget is *. The best number to reach me at directly is * and my email address is *.

Please call me * * (pacific time). I look forward to your call.

We keep your info private and safe.