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Website Redesigns - Before and After

Here are some samples of our redesigns... see our client's sites before and then after OpenPotion. Just move your mouse over the pictures below!

ATC Communications

ATC needed a new website in a bad way. Many of their Internet service clients use their site as their homepage, so we integrated news feeds, weather, and more. 

before after

Oakley Valley Stone

Oakley Valley Stone has been around for quite a while, but didn't really have a logo.  We created a logo that shows their their location, which they are known for and used colors to make them look the way the deserved, reputable and established. Their website text is targeted towards their keywords. 

before after


LaFord Painting

LaFord Painting needed an update and wanted something a bit more SEO friendly.  We simplified their logo, convinced them to switch to a more standard red, and added some humans to their homepage to improve the overall feel, and set it up to be a powerful sales and marketing tool.

before after


Morgan Motorized Flags

Before working with us they had an outer-space background on their site and their business name was Morgan Rolling Flags.  "Rolling flags" is a phrase commonly connected with patriotic biker gangs. We helped Morgan redo their logo/branding, tagline, and their website.

before after


InteGreen Lawn Care & Pest Control 

Not a bad site before, but it was lacking a good layout for SEO, needed an easier content management system, and was totally lacking the human element, which made their company seem cold and impersonal.  We gave them a better tagline that reinforces their name and explains what they do, added smiling faces, and built the site using wordpress.  We totally restructured their menu to be much more intuitive. We also added landing pages for each city that they cover to assist with SEO. In short we made their site a much more effective sales tool.

before after

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