Selecting Domains

Why is a domain so important?

Picking a domain name is extremely important to your branding strategy. So important, we often recommend you start with a domain first! Learn what makes a good domain name…

A domain or web address is how people will find you online… and in today’s world with print media dying and yellowpages going the way of the earth, it is even more important.

What makes a good domain?

From a branding standpoint

We recommend picking a domain that passes what we call the “phone test,” that it is easy to say over the phone, avoids acronyms with letters that are hard to distinguish (P’s, T’s, D’s, etc.), has no odd characters like hyphens/dashes, and is as short as possible.

From an SEO standpoint

Internet marketers tend to like keyword-rich domains – just be careful not to make it look to “spammy,” cheap, and lengthy.

So here is our criteria… choose a domain that…

  • Is easy to tell over the phone without having to spell it out
  • Can be easily spelled, even by a child
  • Avoid abreviations if possible
  • Keep it brief!
  • Get a .com if you are a business
  • If it is a non-profit you can get away with .org, but buy the .com too and redirect it to the .org
  • If you qualify for a .gov, then get it (Google favors them and they are rare!)
  • Make it easy to remember