Having a website isn’t enough!

It takes two things to make money online 1) a website that sells, and 2) Internet marketing to get people to that site. Often people get a website and hope leads will magically flow in… The two most popular forms of Internet marketing are SEO and PPC.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is basically the process of seeking to boost your rankings on search engines… especially Google.

ROI (retun on investment) is generally pretty low on SEO until you get into the top ranking spots and then your ROI is huge. So expect to pay for a while before you really see serious results and just consider it an investment in your business’ future.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

PPC are basically ads. Ads on the top and right side of Google are the most popular form. PPC brings instant results and if managed well can be a nice addition to your marketing strategy, especially while you are waiting for your SEO to get results. Top ranking links that are not ads still beat out the ads… so SEO is still a better long-term investment.

How much does it cost?

It’s not cheap, because you are basically paying for the amount of time you want technicians to work on marketing your site. Yet, none of our serious clients that pay for SEO or PPC regret it and once the sales and leads start rolling in they make so much money that they will never stop doing it, either. Expect to start at at least $500/month for a local area, but I would recommend at least $1000/month. For a national campaign expect to start at at least $1000-2000/month. Trust us – if you find firms for much less, you are basically throwing your money away!

Just figure out how many new clients it would take to make this worth it. Usually it’s easy to see that even a few good leads a month would make it worthwhile. Remember the real issue isn’t price, but how much business and money are you losing out on… and how much more would you be making if you had a good online, marketing strategy? Don’t think small and make it all about cost… think big about how much more you could make. Also, you may be spending a lot of money on marketing avenues with a poor return… so scrap the yellowpages and contact us!

Who does the actual work?

We have partnered with firms that are tried, tested, and have been trained in the Joomla CMS. Most website design firms white-label the services of a larger SEO firm. In other words, they pretend to do the work and outsource it and mark up the cost. That’s not very Open! We connect you with our partner firm and let you deal directly with them. This improves the work performed, communication is faster, and we make our money by them sending us affiliate/referral payments with no additional cost to you! Their marketing budget is spent on paying us to get them business, rather than on finding business (it’s nearly impossible for them to market their services well online anyhow). We do this because we want to be best at what we are best at, website design… and SEO is probably the fastest changing business and technology there is, so we leave that to the experts.

How to pick a legit SEO/Internet marketing firm

Here is what to look for (our partners fit all of these):

  • They don’t outsource their work to offshore workers
  • They provide individualized monthly reports
  • They do white-label SEO for website design firms (only real SEO companies offer SEO white-labeling as a major service)
  • You get to communicate and work directly with the SEO technician assigned to your account
  • They have analytics provided by an independent 3rd party source (ie Google Analytics)
  • Web design is not their focus, SEO is
  • They keep a log of all work/hours performed and by whom

Bottom-line, results are key… if you want results, then contact us about Internet marketing today!

Please don’t wast time doing SEO with a firm that contacted you, or that you found online. Rather than waste time and money, as most people do in working with phony SEO firms or website design firms that claim they do great SEO, give us a call and we’ll steer you in the right direction. Yes – even if you already have a website.