Logo Pains

So what makes a good logo?

Many designers would disagree with us, but we are marketers first and foremost. Here is our OpenPotion to good logo design…

  • Make it wide (rather than tall, square, or round) – we read left to right, it just works better
  • Is provided in a vector format (like a font can be re-sized without getting blocky or fuzzy), such as an .ai, .svg, or .eps file format
  • I easy to read and avoids overtly fancy or difficult to read script fonts
  • Is monochrome – Has no more than one color (can be various shades), besides grey, black, or white
  • Is simple and clean!
  • Looks just as good in a single color (ie black and white).

Why are there so many poor quality logos?

There are just too many reasons a logo design can go wrong…

  • Business owners have the final say and often zero design skills
  • Designers often do too much, make things too flashy, and are unaware of proven branding rules
  • Logo design is expensive and many business owners fail to see the true importance
  • There are tons of logo design companies, and they often outsource to cheap & mediocre talent

How we help you get the perfect logo

We have several methods. We can design it ourselves, we can help you use a DIY (Do-it-Yourself) logo design tool, or we can manage a contest for you on 99Designs.com, which is probably the best way to get a logo.

Feel like you can do it on your own…

…its a big risk since poor branding can be so costly in the long run, but here is the safest, least expensive way to do it