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RPM / Real Property Management Websites

RPM / Real Property Management Franchisees Welcome!

Real Property Management is the leading nationwide, residential property management company.  We have built several websites for RPM franchisees.  What can an OpenPotion website, along with some Internet Marketing do for your business?  Find out...

According to several of our clients, you can expect...

  • Less phone calls of owners trying to "shop" and compare - they just want to sign up.
  • An increase in leads.
  • A reduction in time spent between propertyware and your website - update properties in one spot.
  • More control

Why is the OpenPotion website a great option?

  • It is integrated with propertyware, without having the customization/SEO limitations of being a propertyware hosted site.
  • The overall look is professional and clean.
  • It is built on an open-source standard and is therefore easier to customize, add add-ons, and perform search engine optimization on.
  • It is entirely built to please property owners and get you leads.
  • New responsive design adapts to any screensize including tablets and smart phones.

What is the cost? $2800

This site has had years of develepment mith many RPM clients and would be well over $6000 from scratch.  The website costs over half the price it normally would, at $2800 (about only 24 hours or 3 days @ $120/hr).  This is because we are able to copy our demo and then just spend a few days worth of work customizing it to fit your business.

What do you need to get started?

Our order form asks for everything we usually need including:

  • A signed contract between you and OpenPotion
  • The first half as a non-refundable deposit ($1400)
  • Access to your PropertyWare account (make the login something like openpotion@yourdomain.com)
  • Your time!  (See below)

How long will it take?

We can get it done as fast as you are willing to work with us!  As little as a couple weeks is possible, but usually a month or two is realistic.

Ready to get started?

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