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Why you would want to choose OpenPotion Web Design

Learn how we are different than your average website design company and why you will want to use us!

Most web designers are programmers or graphic designers, while we actually have marketing degrees! We work with you to determine what your goals are and focus on making sure your site helps you achieve those goals.

We provide you with as much (or as little) access as you want including cPanel, FTP, full admin accounts, etc. We also don't do SEO or Internet Marketing so that you are free to change marketing firms at any time ... We are open!

We are proud to be able to say that we are American based and that your website will be made right here in the USA.

If you are an international client looking to target American investors or clients then look no further.  We have worked with clients in China, Vietnam, Australia, and more!

Maybe not faster than a locomotive, but we are pretty super!  We leverage templates & themes, content management systems, open source add-ons, pre-written seftware, to build sites quickly - with more features - for less. Because your site will be built from existing pieces we both win!

Think of it like this... nowadays if you told a builder that you wanted a house built and they said "Great! I'll start chopping down trees right now!" You would probably look for a new builder that used existing tools and pre-made materials.  The same goes for many website designers today that want to custom code or start a website design from scratch. You probably should look for a new designer.  Custom coded sites tend to have more errors, be less secure, more expensive, and cause a miriad of headaches down the road.

Savvy website designers will build websites using as many existing pre-made components and tools as possible and we just happen to be savvy!

Some website design firms try to set you up with a cheap site and then nickel and dime you for even small changes such as spelling errors.  We make it easy to make changes on our sites yourself.  Our sites our built using Content Management Systems also called a CMS.  CMS's allow you to easily login and make changes without having to be as big of a nerd as we are.  If you can use Word or Excel, you should find you can easily manage simple changes to the content on your site.

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