Healthcare Websites

“I grew up with a Hospital Administrator for a father and ran an alternative healthcare business for a period of time. I enjoy combining my passion for marketing with my hands-on experience in the medical arena.”

- Jason Hull, CEO at OpenPotion

Whether you are looking for a site for a hospital or healthcare facility, promoting health related products or services, we can help.  We build healthcare websites that sell effectively and convince people to trust and use your services.  Your current site likely has several challenges, things that are costing you money.  Talk with us to stop the leaks that are bleeding your advertising dollar and causing you greater employee costs.

Our dedicated team of professional writers bring healthcare experience to the table.  Not only were many of our team members raised in healthcare families, but we have worked in the field ourselves.  We combine our marketing expertise with our healthcare knowledge to craft content that is informative and creates transparency, trust, and conversions.

“I was raised by a healthcare family.  My dad was the head of Radiology and my mother was a nurse who later ran admissions at the hospital. I spent a lot of years in the health care field doing everything from recreational therapy to direct care in nursing homes and with special needs. What I do best in life is write, and with our Healthcare Websites, I get to bring all of my knowledge and talent together for our clients.”

-Starr Bryson, Content Manager at OpenPotion

Why Choose OpenPotion

  • We are marketers first, designers second.
  • We give you control so you can make simple changes easily.
  • We build our sites on the top open source platforms.
  • We have government grade security.
  • We have built websites for a variety of medical facilities and healthcare practitioners.

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